3D Cartoon Camp


Not just a computer game making camp but a way to make an arcade style video game that you can play on your mobile device like an iPhone or iPad (Android devices will probably be supported as well). This game design camp requires no previous program coding experience and may even help launch that game idea you've always wanted to come to life so you can make a smash hit like Angry Birds or Flappy Bird*! (recommended for ages 11-14) This is the camp if you are looking to design and make games that go beyond the PC platform. This video game camp emphasizes making games for the mobile market and includes: planning and designing an original game learn to add sound effects, use of physics, gravity, and collisions creating user interface and button & touch controls special effects And yes, games will work with under iOS* and Android and Windows 7/8

* we walk you though how these two megahits are made

Parents: Games are made on PC's but wil work on a Mac. In order to continue working on their games, you'll be provided with the software and the kid's project files which can be opened at home to use..


(recommended for ages 11-14)





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