3D Cartoon Camp v4


Star Wars meets Harry Potter meets The Avengers!! Campers, ( aka the "the movie crew") will star in an epic movie trailer filled with action and Special Effects. This camp covers pre-production planning, shooting as well as post-production; sequencing, editing, adding sound and music, titles, and credits. The coolest part will be when campers are introduced to how movie special effects from their favourite movies are created. You will see how lasers, explosions, superhero powers and fire can be created! The movie will use footage filmed at camp as well as video created using 'CG' (Computer Generated) effects. A new script will be used in 2015 and allow for kids to spend more time on creating F/X.

At the end of camp, your finished product will be burned onto DVD and you get to take the software home so you can make your own movies with special FX and then upload them to YouTube to share with friends.

(recommended for ages 10-14)




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