What better was to introduce boys and girls to computer science than having them learn to program their very own robot?
Kids will learn how to program their bot to follow a flashlight, detect obstacles, follow a line and more. Rather than using Lego, we have opted to use a more flexible robot platform that is used for elementary aged kids right up to university level.

In addition to learning practical skills in computer programming and the basics of how a robot works, campers will learn problem solving skills as they get their bot to solve several fun challenges.

Campers will record video of their bot so they can show off their new programming skills to all their friends and family!

(recommended for ages 8-10)


Your robot car will have:

  • A microcontroller brain
  • 3 light sensors
  • 2  infrared detector to see objects
  • A pair of infrared line sensors
  • Two independent motors to drive the wheels
  • 3 LED lights
  • A speaker to play different sounds and musical notes


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