Our computer camps are both fun and educational !
FUTUREKIDS camps provide students with in-depth, concentrated instruction in specific technology areas such as programming, robotics, animation, graphic design, programming and web design. Camp curriculum is organized in one week learning modules with staff totally comprised of Ontario certified teachers with backgrounds in computers and teaching computer technology to students. Our curriculum is coupled with the use of the latest hardware and software. Together, this ensures our camps are educationally sound with defined learning objectives and will give your son/ daughter greater confidence using computer technology and the long- term skills that will benefit them well into the future. Our aim is also to give kids an exposure to more advanced computer applications and potential careers using computer technology. Our progressive curriculum allows campers to experience different technology areas in different weeks and meet the need for kids wanting more than what is taught in today's school classroom. Camps are suited for campers who take more than one camp in a summer and can incorporate previous week's projects in their current projects.

March Break 2019

We have locations throughout the region thanks to our partnership with The City of Ottawa, GNAG and the RA Centre. Prices vary depending on the specific camp partner. You can either choose camps by location or by your son/daughter's interest or by technology focus/theme. See all of the different camps we offer at Futurekids.

  • • all camps have pre & post supervision
  • • all camps are week long camps (no camp on Canada Day or the August Civic holiday)
  • • campers are paired two to a computer as part of our cooperative learning approach
  • • choice of two camps at each locations each week
  • Summer information


March 11-15, 2019



Full day camp

(½ day computers + ½ Day day camp)


Full day camp

(½ day computers + ½ Day day camp)


Berrigan PS

199 Berrigan Dr, Nepean, ON

K2J 5C6

Kanata Recreation Complex

100 Charlie Rogers Pl, Kanata, ON

K2V 1A2

Rideauview Community Center

4310 Shoreline Dr, Gloucester, ON

K1V 1N4


Robotics EV3 Jr
Ages 8-10
[barcode: 1462522]

Minecraft Mania I

Ages 7-9

[barcode: 1464305]


Game Maker Extreme
Ages 11-14

[barcode: 1462341]

  • How do I register?

    Registration is through our camp partners:
  • the City of Ottawa City of Ottawa


    - have a Family PIN? Online or call (613)580-2588
    - need to create a City Family account or forgot your PIN?

  • Please call us or email if you need assistance or need to look up a City barcode
  • Camp Descriptions

    We offer different camps for different age groups and interests. Most camps focus on one or two technology areas
  • Locations

    To make our camps as accessible as possible we off camps throughout the area. They are all in schools or community centres that offer air conditioned, safe environments often with access to a swimming pool and recreational facilities.